Out of Ours is Coming Out of Hibernation

Passing tram - Melbourne City 

G'day everyone!

It's been absolutely ay-ges since I've last blogged and I can only profusely apologise for my absence.

My excuse? Life happened...

So it's been a year-ish since I last wrote. Things have happened, we've been places, we're all a year older...and I'll fill you in with what's been happening. And quite a bit has.

I'm not sure how many times a week I'll be blogging...but just starting again is a good start.

Robyn x


  1. Hey, welcome back...great photo of Melbourne...I've been really bad too...haven't blogged since December....am working up to it...really...I've even created a new one with one post which is months old. Look forward to seeing what you have been up to. Robx

    1. Hey, hello Rob!! Yes, unfortunately it's easy to get out of the habit, but it was time I got back into it. Going to visit you on the new blog ;-)

  2. About Bloomin' Time Mrs!!!!!