Melbourne Earthquake 2012

Wow! So there has been a bit of an exciting buzz happening last night with us experiencing the effects of an earthquake that happened in the greater Melbourne area just before 9pm.

The windows started rattling and the whole house started shaking. It wasn't next door slamming their car doors. It wasn't the wind either, because it went on for just too long and slowly increased in shake-a-bility. The little man missed it because he was gently snoring on the other side of the house, but Sunshine came through with wide eyes and a questioning look on her face.

Of course the news stations was then full of the story. Measuring (depending on which station you listen to or tv channel you watch) 5.3 on the Richter scale and is the worst we've had in just over 100 years.

I have recently started working permanently and it just so happens I work for an environmental monitoring company and we have a blast monitor not far from the office.

This is the graphical result from the blast monitor...

 The time on the y-axis is in second so you can see it lasted just over half a minute.

Oh and by the way, we're all ok. Thanks for asking ;-)

Robyn x


  1. Hi Robyn, just wondering how you all are. I presume work and family are keeping you busy. Enjoying some pleasantly warmer weather up here, spring must be a great time in Melbourne too.

  2. Very glad to hear you are all okay! Whew, that would have scared the bejeebers out of me!