The PlanetBox Lunch Box

I'm here to tell you all about the US $60 x 2 lunchbox plus US$44 for postage to Australia.

Now before you run off and hyperventilate into a brown paper bag...think about it. Buying those plastic containers is going to land up costing the same over years of schooling. For the little man, this means 13 yrs...poor guy!

Carry case

I came across the PlanetBox while looking up ideas for school lunches. Sunshine was getting fussy depending on what was considered cool at school, and I needed some fresh ideas after packing her lunch for the last 8yrs.

I was straight onto the website and I too had to grab a paper bag! I himmed and haaad for ages about getting them, especially with postage being so expensive...but then a miracle happened. The UK tax man gave me some money back! Can I hear a whoop whoop?

With magnets on

When they arrived, I knew it was money well spent. I love them! They are so easy to pack, wash and even making lunches the day before and putting them in the fridge overnight, ensures that everything is still fresh by lunchtime.

The website can give you all the technical details, but I've included these pics so you can see how it's sized. If you buy the complete set as I did, then you get the lunchbox, carry bag, 2 containers, and some funky magnets to go on top!

Little and Big Dippers

The two containers...Big and Small Dippers...both have removable food grade rubber seals to keep from leaking. I've only used the Big Dipper once, but the little one comes in handy practically every day. I mostly use it for yoghurt, but the little man had chicken nuggets once and I put tomato sauce/ketchup for him to dip them in. The bigger dipper can be used in addition to the main compartment sandwiches...because of the pocket on the front of the carry case.

The carry case has a double zip and besides the pocket on the front there is also a space for a bottle - max 3' in diameter. On the inside of the carry case, is a mesh pocket that can be used to house cutlery or in hotter packs to keep everything cooler for longer. So plenty enough space for everything!

Unfortunately Sunshine has decided that she prefers the millions of little plastic containers so she can just grab what she needs at recess and lunch rather than schlepping the whole thing outside twice. The little man eats in the classroom before going out to play, so it's perfect for him.

I was so eager on the 1st day of school, I packed far too much for him. He's not a big eater and is slow on top of that, so he didn't finish it all. Now I pack less but enough to keep him going until home time when he has a small snack.

Latch closed
Go and have a look at the website and seriously consider getting one of these for your kids. The kids have taken them on picnics too and with the bag they are easy to carry around.

Latch open - see the grooves? The latch needs to be in those grooves to completely close the PlanetBox

Sunshine's PlanetBox hasn't been relegated to the back of the cupboard...I've have got myself a contractual job so I'm using it for my own lunch!

I'm still putting ideas together on what to include...and have been taking pictures of what I've packed so far...just so I keep ideas fresh and make sure I don't get into a rut.

Questions? Ask away!

 Here's the link for all the blurb;

Robyn x

ps. this post has NOT been sponsored by PlanetBox. Apart from when I ordered, they have never heard of me... 


  1. Hi Rob, that lunch box looks amazing...what a great idea, and although not cheap, it will last for years (as long as he doesn't lose it). I'm currently in Yeppoon, sitting at my friend's kitchen bench, looking out over the ocean to Keppel Island!! I will be back next week and will catch up for that coffee. Robx

  2. It's great to find something durable which will last the distance and receives the OK from those using it. We have a few stainless steel items items including various drink bottles which I have been very happy with too.

  3. I'm keen - and I'd pay for the boxes, it's that shipping that's killing me!