The City of Melbourne Streets @ Christmas Time

The City of Melbourne has come alive over the silly season with many of the buildings and streets being decorated with a load of brand new 2.6 million dollars worth of decorations. Unfortunately we didn't get to see everything we wanted to, but I have a plan in mind for this time next year to show you more.

So let's see what the city streets have to offer, shall we?

I love that Melbourne's Town hall has been gift-wrapped with soldiers appearing to protect it like the Queen's guards at Buck Palace...

And how cute are these gingerbread men?

The tram lines down Swanston Street have been adorned with suspending bright red and green decorations...these same decorations along the streets throughout the city. The City Circle tram was decorated as Santa's sleigh, but I wasn't able to get a picture of it.

No persons named Robyn were injured taking this photo while standing in the middle of a busy street.

"Mistletoe Bridge" pedestrian bridge over to Southbank was gorgeously lit up at night, though I only managed to get this slightly blurred shot. The balloons added a really nice romantic touch too.

Here it is...set in stone...and concrete...that Santa is in fact very most definitely real! And you can box anyone's ears who says otherwise! I give you my permission.

For some reason Blogger will not let me load a pic of concrete Santa sitting on his stone. I will try again in the morning, and hope that whatever the problem is, it's corrected itself.

I also took this random shot of some city it looks really odd for all of you experiencing a cold and white season to see everyone in shorts?

I was disappointed to see Flinders Street Station didn't have anything on it when we exited it out onto Swanston street. Until we approached it sometime later from a different angle...

How is this for the old blending in with the new?

Pop in a coin and get a silly hat! All for a good cause of course! 

You may or may not that finally Zara came to Australia this year with the second store opening in Melbourne a couple of months ago. I thought you might like to see how they did their window this year...

While I'm a modern gal at heart and wholly believe in less is more, I have to say I was a tad deflated at this.

No worries, tomorrow I'm showing you lots of lights!

How has your city decorated Christmas? Same old same old, or something new that cost millions?

'Til then.

Robyn x


  1. Looks stunning Robyn. You have some great shots of a new Melbourne. Definitely a trip or two to the city just to soak it all in. In that sense I guess the decoration pay for themselves.

  2. Thanks for the stroll around Melbourne, the Town Hall looks great, and your shot of Eureka Tower behind the station is amazing. Zara...well yes, very disappointing...Xmas is not really a time for minimalism. I found Selfridges in Oxford Street, similar, very stark and boring. Robx

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