A Blah Day

Wednesday is the only day Master T and I don't have anything on, so it means a lie in for both of us and we spend the day doing whatever we want to.

Except today is a blah day so we are staying in. It's cold and has been raining on and off all day and all last night. Real  duvet day kinda weather. So if it's ok with you I'll just rattle on about what we've achieved today.

So far. It's now 4 o'clock.

1. Sorted out all the paperwork. This had to be done because we need our passports and neither Mr C nor I know what we've done with them.

The passports weren't there.

2. Made Macaroni Cheese for supper.

Master T helped crunch the cornflakes and mix in the 3-cheese sauce. Then he decided he wanted a little helping for lunch as well, so he prepared his own dish.

We just gotta work on that smile.

3. Filled in paperwork that needs to be sent back to the UK.

4. Watched a movie. Well, Master T did while I sorted the papers.

5. Unpacked the scarves, hats, gloves and winter tights.

6. Packed away kids summer clothing.

7. Spent time looking for the passports.

8. Decided I want my own DSLR because my P&S doesn't take nice pictures. (I use Mr C's DSLR for most of the pics so far on this blog - except the ones in this post)

9. Picked Miss M up from school, coz it's still raining buckets!

10. Still haven't found the passports.

Maybe tomorrow.

Robyn x

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  1. Hi Robyn, I see the weather is really cold and damp at the moment. You wouldn't believe the warm weather we are having, right thru April, some days well into the 20's. Bit worried that summer will be a non-event. All the locals are muttering in their usual negative way...and yes you will have to investigate some Melbourne suburbs for their cute homes and weatherboard cottages. I've always wanted a weatherboard home, would love a little beachy one on the coast one day. I sometimes browse around on the realestate.com site...suburbs like Camberwell, Canterbury, Box Hill, Newtown, Williamstown, Hawthorn..some great old place here. Also in QLD the beautiful timber Queenslanders around Brisbane...Ashgrove, Paddington etc. Also you will have to give me a hint as to where you are in Melbourne...our home is in the eastern suburbs through North Ringwood. Robx