Coffee Table


Yesterday I took a bit of a road trip to pick up some items I found on Craigslist.

I wasn't particularly looking for a coffee table, although I did mention to Mr C that it might be nice to have one. A while back I wouldn't have even considered one - to me they just seemed to be something that got in the way when moving around the settees.

When I found the two end tables and saw the listing for this table directly underneath it, I decided that it was a good one. And it all came from the same place.

This is it sans legs. I had to take the legs off to fit in the car, and I won't be reassembling it until it's had it's facelift.

Two of the 4 legs. Slightly curved with a little detail at the top which is just my style.  Nothing too fancy.

I have an image in my head of what I would like the living room to be like, but it doesn't suit this house, so I won't be doing the full make-over on this table just yet.

I think for now it will get a really good sanding down and perhaps a whitewash to go with the choc brown leather suite and the "neutral" tone this house has.

Watch this space!

Robyn x

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  1. Hi Robyn, Found you on Debbie Doo's blog. I'm new and also having a slow start. I'll follow you.....would you please follow me? Can't wait to see how the coffee table comes out. I just did two French chairs in shabby white...will post them after they get upholstered!