We Bought A House

You have no ideal how excited I am! 

The house is in what is locally known as 'The Hills' up on the Dandenong Ranges. It's further east of Melbourne city than where we are now, but The Hills is all about forests and amazing wildlife and the most amazing little villages.

While make-overs will be slow and steady, I have been Pinterest-ing and Houzz-ing like mad!

Unfortunately with moving comes packing, and that's exactly what I have started doing this weekend. All the stuff we won't really need between now and move day. I tried to not collect too much since we moved from the UK 3 years ago, but we all know that is much easier said than done ;-)

The big day is coming in October, so while there is a lot to sort out I will keep you up to date with what's happening!

There's a lot to do both inside and out but we can't wait to get started!

Robyn x

A Big Adventure to Nepal: Part 1

Earlier this year in April, I did something I never thought I would do. Never planned to do. But ultimately did do.

I went trekking for 2 weeks in Nepal. 

It all started back in 2011 when Sunshine came home with a note looking for interested parties from the school and community to go trekking and camping for 10 nights and then spend a few nights helping out at a village school.

Eighteen months later, we were all decked out and ready to go. 

I won't lie - it was flipping hard work! It might have had something to do with the fact that we didn't do too many training sessions in the Dandenongs - nah; I don't think it was that at all. 

There is no word for 'flat' in Nepalese simply because nothing to do with the Himalaya's is flat. And no, we didn't trek to Base Camp. We did a fairly new trek in the Langtang Valley that was classed as 'Intermediate to Moderate'. Hah! It was more like 'Experienced to Professional - I've done this a million times before'. 

But Sunshine and I soldiered on, and while we might have been mostly at the back of the 37 other trekkers we went with I can confidently and proudly say I started at the bottom and walked my way up to 3200m. 

Our trip started and ended with a few days in Kathmandu, which is an experience in itself. Sunshine and I have experienced poverty with me brought up in South Africa and Sunshine making annual trips there. It doesn't make it easier, but other trekkers were shocked at just how some people are forced to live as they had never experienced it first hand.

Kathmandu is an amazing place. While it's permanently covered in a haze of dust as there are very few tarred roads, the people are incredibly friendly, there are mopeds/scooters/motorbikes everywhere. 

After Kathmandu we took an interesting drive into the Langtang Valley where our camping/trekking began. The last 3 days we stayed in one village where for 2 days we filled a hole at the local village school. While this sounds easy enough it wasn't and I will relay in more detail what it was all about. It was the cherry on the top of an already amazing experience.

I'll post separately about each section of the journey as there is far too much to put into one post.

Robyn x

40th at Killara Wine Estate

We celebrated a friends 40th birthday at Killara Wine Estate over the weekend. We hadn't been to this particular wine estate before. In fact we haven't been to many and the few we have been to has always been to celebrate something. Rochford Wine Estate for the company's kids Christmas party back in 2011 and Killara Wine Estate for Mel's 40th. We need to seriously get out more...

The day started at 1pm with copious amounts of wine and tray after tray of finger food. In fact so much wine, that I took a classic butt fall slipping on the wet grass in a pair of heels with absolutely no grip whatsoever.  I went home with a soaking back and butt and mud-stained knees from the very lady-like manner in which I got up.

The kids had hills to run up and down, there was a big log fire going in the covered outdoor area and the wine and finger foods kept flowing all afternoon. I didn't snap much but we all agreed we'd be back in the summer so plenty time for photo ops!

Unfortunately the weather wasn't a bright sunny day but except for a short downpour the day was actually pretty good. Despite this though we did have an awesome double rainbow. 

Or was I the only one who saw it?

Robyn x

Out of Ours is Coming Out of Hibernation

Passing tram - Melbourne City 

G'day everyone!

It's been absolutely ay-ges since I've last blogged and I can only profusely apologise for my absence.

My excuse? Life happened...

So it's been a year-ish since I last wrote. Things have happened, we've been places, we're all a year older...and I'll fill you in with what's been happening. And quite a bit has.

I'm not sure how many times a week I'll be blogging...but just starting again is a good start.

Robyn x

Melbourne Earthquake 2012

Wow! So there has been a bit of an exciting buzz happening last night with us experiencing the effects of an earthquake that happened in the greater Melbourne area just before 9pm.

The windows started rattling and the whole house started shaking. It wasn't next door slamming their car doors. It wasn't the wind either, because it went on for just too long and slowly increased in shake-a-bility. The little man missed it because he was gently snoring on the other side of the house, but Sunshine came through with wide eyes and a questioning look on her face.

Of course the news stations was then full of the story. Measuring (depending on which station you listen to or tv channel you watch) 5.3 on the Richter scale and is the worst we've had in just over 100 years.

I have recently started working permanently and it just so happens I work for an environmental monitoring company and we have a blast monitor not far from the office.

This is the graphical result from the blast monitor...

 The time on the y-axis is in second so you can see it lasted just over half a minute.

Oh and by the way, we're all ok. Thanks for asking ;-)

Robyn x

The Little Man's School - Assembly

Monday mornings means assembly day at the little man's school, and as long as it's dry they have it outside in what is called the quadrangle.

Once a month it's Aussie of the Month assembly where one student is awarded for going the extra mile.

Because it's outside, parents are welcome to be there too.

This is what assembly looks like in summer.

Being SunSmart is very important!

Robyn x

Australian School Art @ The Local Mall

Each year, primary schools in the area display art work that the kids have done in a sort of exhibition at the local mall.

The little man's school is included, but unfortunately none of his art work was exhibited. Actually not a lot from his school was up.

It seemed extremely colourful this year than from what I remember last year. The exhibition is only up for a few days so you have to get there chop-chop in case you miss it.

I like to treat myself to a chai (chocolate) latte when I do my weekly shop so after I picked it up I headed over to see the exhibition. Pictures taken using my HTC...

I'd like to think we have many a budding artist out there just waiting to be discovered!

Robyn x